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As seen on This Morning on ITV…


The DAIO™ was one of just five safety devices featured for Child Safety Week 2015 on ITV’s This Morning show.

The programme raised awareness about the tragic number of child accidents in the home – and some ideas of how to prevent them.


To watch the video clip from the programme, click HERE or on the video image itself…

The DAIO on the This Morning TV Programme

“I can honestly say that had I had a DAIO™ at the time, Archie’s accident would not have happened”


A mother is calling on parents to engage with this year’s week’s Child Safety Week by backing a new invention to prevent burns.

Three years ago, Rebecca Watkins’ son, Archie, suffered severe burns at just eight months old when he grabbed the cord of her hair straighteners and pulled the 230°C hot irons onto his arm.

The straighteners landed on Archie’s upper arm, hot plates at either side. The heat was so intense that he didn’t cry or scream, but simply gasped.

This all happened within the one or two seconds it took for Mrs Watkins, 25, to grab the cable and pull the straighteners off.

Mrs Watkins immediately put her son in a cold bath and after the shock had subsided, he seemed relatively happy. Rather than being angry and red, Archie’s arms looked like irritated skin with white patches.

However, still unsure, Rebecca and her husband, Shaun, an electrician, took Archie to A&E at the Royal Gwent Hospital to have his burns checked over.

They learnt, to their horror, that he had suffered immediate nerve damage. They were devastated to learn that Archie’s burns were just a fraction from being a third degree classification, leaving Archie scarred for life.


Read more about Rebecca’s story here (Warning: it does contain a graphic image of Archie’s injury)




Introducing the DAIO™


Do you ever go out and worry, “Did I turn my straighteners off?

Have you or a loved one ever been burned by an electrical heated hair appliance?

Are there scorch marks on your furniture or carpet from carelessly placed straightening irons?

If not, you will surely know someone who has…

The brand new and original DAIO™ is the safer, most stylish way to store and protect your hair appliances when they are heating up, during use and whilst cooling down.

What’s more…
The DAIO™ has a clever and innovative fixing bracket which gives it countless mounting possibilities around your home or business…
The DAIO Revolutionary Hair Appliance Organiser

Out of the box, it is quick and simple to mount to any horizontal surface*, such as a table, shelf or mantlepiece.

Or, disengage the bracket from the DAIO™ chassis, turn it 90⁰ and it is ready to be mounted on any vertical surface*, such as a drawer front, cupboard door or even a radiator.

Or, remove the bracket completely and it can be mounted permanently to a fixed vertical surface, such as an interior wall or the side of a wardrobe.

To find out how easy it is to use all around your home or business, check out our Fixing Instructions and Video here… (*Bracket fixes to any surface up to 33mm in width)

*PATENT PENDING – GB App No. 1419426.0 — Int. App No. PCT/GB2014/053241*

“Preventing Potentially Life Changing Burns To Children, People and Property”

Straightener Facts

Did you know?

* 1 in 10 childhood burns are as a result of electrical hair appliances

* +16% increase in domestic fire insurance claims directly attributable to heated hair straighteners

* Hair straightening irons take as little as 15 secs to reach a maximum heat of 230°C – but up to 40 minutes to be touch safe


Safety First

The DAIO™ gives you –

* Protection for your young children from serious burns – it only takes a momentary distraction

* Protection for your furniture and property from scorch marks – or more devastating fire damage

* Peace of mind – no more nagging worries when you leave the house – “Have I left my straighteners on?”


Inspired Safety

The DAIO™ is designed –

* With high quality silicone that will sustain a temperature of 300° centigrade for up to 3 weeks

* A clever universal bracket allows for horizontal or vertical temporary use – or permanent fixing

* To be a sleek and stylish accessory to keep your electrical hair styling appliances safe and tidy


Buy The DAIO Online
DAIO for homes and personal use

For Homes...

The safe and stylish way to store and protect your hair appliances when they are heating up, during use and whilst they are cooling down Click here for more details…  
DAIO for hairdressers

For Hairdressers...

Protects your straightening irons and other electrical appliances from accidental dropping & damage – and also from burns to staff & clients Click here for more details…
DAIO for hotels and accomodation

For Hotels and Accommodation...

Provides a safe and stylish place for your guests to store their hair appliances – protecting your floor and furniture from damage and burns Click here for more details…

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