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  1. Follow your Uni on social media and join any course and accommodation specific social media groups so that you can make connections and friends in advance
  2. Learn the basics of doing your own washing and ironing
  3. Practice making a few easy, economical meals

  1. Set up your bank account
  2. Prepare a budget and make sure you know how much you’ll have left to spend on food and going out once you’ve paid for your rent and any other associated bills. Don’t forget travel costs, books, stationery etc.
  3. Plan your healthcare – if you are on regular medication, make sure you have enough to get you through the first week or two until you can register with a Doctor. Visit your Dentist before you leave for Uni if you can.
  4. Research the area you’re going to live in – work out how you will get to Uni, where the nearest food shops are, where you’re likely to be going out.
  5. Make a list of what to take with you
  6. Buy any essentials in advance but only if it will save you money versus buying them once you are there – don’t forget you’ve got to find a way of transporting everything to Uni
  7. Think about the best way to move and what you’ll need for storage once you get there

Remember preparation is the key to success!



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