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Archie’s Story

First time mum Rebecca Watkins and electrician husband Shaun were typically cautious when it came to the safety of their 8 month old son, Archie.

The house was baby proofed from stair gates to cupboard door guards, so the couple thought they had taken every eventuality into account. Given Shaun’s job they were particularly aware of the dangers posed by uncovered plug sockets and electrical appliances.

However, one morning baby Archie had other ideas. Having just begun to move about independently, one morning he managed to grab the cable of his Mum’s hair straighteners while they were switched on and at full temperature, and pull them off her dressing table.

The straighteners landed on Archie’s upper arm, hot plates at either side. The heat was so intense he didn’t cry or scream but simply gasped and his natural reaction to shake the hot straighteners took hold knocking the hot plates further down, below his elbow. This all happened within the one or two seconds it took for Rebecca to grab the cable and pull the straighteners off.

She immediately put her son in a cold bath and after the shock had subsided, he seemed relatively happy. Rather than being angry and red, the little boy’s burns looked more like irritated skin with white patches. However, still unsure, Rebecca and Shaun took Archie to A&E to have his burns checked over.


They were devastated to learn that Archie’s burns were just a fraction from being a 3rd degree classification. The reason that Archie hadn’t cried was that the hot straighteners had instantly damaged the nerves. This is why the skin was white as opposed to the red blistering you would usually associate with a burn.

Archie’s burns were dressed by specialist medical staff and he went on his first foreign holiday a few days later with his arm, shoulder to wrist in bandages.

Almost 2 years on and little Archie is lively, fun and mischievous. Sadly, he will be scarred for life. Mum Rebecca said: “The events of that day still play on my mind. It all happened so quickly and highlighted just how dangerous today’s super-heated hair appliances are.

I have since been introduced to the DAIO™; a stylish safety storage device for straighteners and other appliances. I have tried and tested the DAIO™ both out of curiosity and my own paranoia after the accident, and I can honestly say that had I had one at the time, Archie’s accident would not have happened.”

The DAIO can prevent serious burns to children

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