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Introducing the ‘Limited Edition’ Black DAIO™

Limited Edition Black DAIO

The stunning and stylish Black DAIO™ is exactly the same as the Original DAIO™, but comes with black heat proof silicone cups rather than purple.

We are releasing the Black DAIO™ as an “Exclusive Limited Edition” because current stocks of this colour are genuinely limited and we don’t know if and when we will be producing these again.

So, if you love the cool and contemporary look of the Black DAIO™ as much as we do – then make sure you order NOW, whilst the limited stocks last!

Click on BUY DAIO™ now to go to the checkout and select ‘Black’ from the colour options.


Don’t delay… order now to avoid disappointment!

The DAIO now available in black

Get Your Black DAIO™ whilst limited stocks last

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