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Burn Awareness Day 2016

Next Wednesday the 19th October is national Burn Awareness Day. This Press Release explains how it started, what it hopes to achieve, and why the DAIO is so strongly supportive of this and other accident prevention campaigns.

Most of us are very aware of the dangers and how quickly accidents can occur in the home, particularly when it comes to the inquisitive nature of young children. Yet it is easy to become a little complacent and maybe even believe it is something that happens to other people and not us. But how many of us haven’t heard a horror story about a child being burned? It can’t always be someone else.

And that’s what Burn Awareness Day is all about, raising awareness and keeping us conscious of the huge number of burns and scalds occurring each year (mainly to the very young or elderly) and how prevention is key to their reduction.

Paul Fuller, Chief Fire Officer of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Children’s Burns Trust Chair of Trustees says:

“Over 7,000 children were admitted to hospital in 2015 with burn injuries, many with scalds. Three quarters of them were under the age of 5.

“Remember, young children don’t know to pull away from heat, and a baby’s skin is 15 times thinner than an adult’s ‐ a burn or scald at this age could need years of repeated surgery as the child grows, because scarred tissue does not grow with them. We need to make sure that we protect them, and to do this, we need to recognise that everyday things such as running baths, leaving hair straighteners or saucepans unattended, and even having a cuppa, can be potential dangers to children.

“And remember that heated appliances – whether irons or hair straighteners, will retain heat after you’ve used them. Your child could be burned if they touch them – even if they’ve been unplugged for over half an hour!”

Mr Fuller highlights irons and hair straighteners because these are the second largest cause of burns and scalds in young children, behind hot drinks and liquids.

It was through his first-hand knowledge of the potential dangers of hair straighteners and other heated hair appliances that David Audsley (37), a professional hairdresser from North Yorkshire, was inspired to design and create The DAIO™.

The DAIO is an innovative storage device for straighteners and other heated hair appliances that you can use while they are heating up, during use and when they are cooling down.

David said “These popular appliances take as little as 15 seconds to reach a maximum temperature of 230⁰C and up to 40 minutes, after they’re switched off, to be safe to touch. These perilously hot appliances are often left on the floor or furniture within easy reach of children and are a major cause of burns to people – and potentially devastating damage to property.”

If the name seems familiar to you then this may be from appearances on ITV’s This Morning programme, or more recently on Dragons’ Den.

Unfortunately David’s passionate pitch did not end with investment from any of the Dragons, but he did succeed in generating much greater awareness of the dangers of straighteners and other heated hair appliances.

One viewer that evening, Dr.Paul Malone, contacted David immediately after watching the TV show.

“As a Burns and Plastic Surgery Surgical Registrar, I have dealt with a huge number of paediatric (and occasionally adult) burns from hair straighteners. That is why I was so keen to purchase a DAIO for my own house because I am constantly anxious about my wife’s straighteners around our 2 young girls…!”

Of course it’s not only young children that can burn themselves on straighteners. Teenagers and adults also do and they burn their furniture, carpets and property too.

How many people who own heated hair appliances have left their home and then wondered “Did I turn my straighteners off?” – and have had to then go back and check!

Many people buy the DAIO just because it’s a very stylish way to store and protect your heated hair appliances in the home, but the DAIO was always inspired and created with safety in mind.

“Getting emails like the one from Dr. Malone just make me even more determined to keep going with the DAIO and make it work. I know that we are already making a difference to those statistics and the more people hear about the DAIO, the more chance we have of reducing burns to children, and adults.” said David.

To mark this year’s Burn Awareness Day the DAIO Original model will be sold at half price on the day itself. This is the lowest price it has ever been sold and will be available directly on the website on Wednesday 19th October between 0.00 and 24.00 only.

Notes to editors

About The DAIO

A donation of £1 from every DAIO sold in the UK will go to the Child Accident Prevention Trust in the hope that together we can help prevent more accidents.

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) added:

“These horrible injuries are preventable. That’s why we’re delighted to work in partnership with the DAIO. It helps keep straighteners out of harm’s way while you’re using them and after you’ve switched them off. And the donation from every DAIO sold in the UK helps fund our charity’s work.”

This news release has been prepared by Pat Mangion of AOK-Design UK Limited, the parent company for the DAIO. For more information, images and interview requests please contact Pat on (01423) 868313. Email:


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