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DAIO™ For Homes

The DAIO™ is…


Protection for your children from serious burns and injury – you know they’re into everything and want to do whatever Mummy (and sometimes Daddy) is doing…

Protection for your furniture and floors from scorch marks and burns – you know that’s where you leave them…

Protection for your pets – from their ‘inquisitive’ noses and paws

Peace of mind when you go out and think – “Did I turn my straighteners off?”

A weight off your mind in your teenagers bedroom – how many times have you found them left on?

A safe and secure place to put your hair styling appliances when they’re heating up, in use, or cooling down

A great way to keep your appliances tidy and safe – reducing the risk of being knocked, dropped and damaged

A cool, sleek and stylish accessory that will compliment any room you use it in – but not the bathroom of course…

Very practical and adaptable. A clever universal bracket allows you to fix it permanently to a wall or piece of furniture – or connect it to drawers and surfaces as you go, and store it away after use

100% British designed, manufactured and distributed – from start to finish, to your door

… Essential for every modern home



The DAIO provides protection for your home
Protect Children In The Home From Hair Straighteners
The new DAIO Hair Appliance Organiser

Protect Your Home And The Ones You Love... Get Your DAIO™ TODAY!

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