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One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I make my hair look fuller?”. Many of my clients have a constant fight with fine, limp locks and say they can never get that ‘just left the salon’ look!

So I thought I’d share a few of my tips and tricks with you, if you don’t want the pain and expense of hair extensions. I’ve split my quick fixes between a natural approach and my favourite product solutions:

  • 5 quick fixes for getting natural volume in your hair:
    • Don’t wash your hair too often
    • Do blow dry your hair upside down
    • Lift your roots
    • Change the way you part your hair
    • Sleep with your hair up

Don’t wash your hair too often

Washing your hair every day creates what we call combination hair. This is because you are producing more oil at the roots from stimulating your scalp as you massage the shampoo in, whilst at the same time stripping natural oil from your mid lengths and ends, creating dry duller hair. Wash 2-3 times a week for lovely fuller, shiny hair.

Do blow dry your hair upside down

Drying your hair upside down allows gravity to lift your roots away from your scalp which is how you want them to dry and adds volume to your style.

Lift your roots

For those of you who don’t blow dry your hair, particularly for curly styles, lifting your roots with your fingers while your hair is drying can have the same effect. Alternatively, a gentle backcomb with a soft paddle brush can also add volume.

Change the way you part your hair

When you part your hair that’s where it lies the most flat and If you part your hair in the same place all the time, you’re training it to stay that way. I know it’s where your hair likes to fall naturally but swapping your parting to the other side will immediately add volume. This is best done when your hair is still wet.

Sleep with your hair up

This can be in a bun, curlers or even a soft headband as it lifts the hair off the scalp. It’s best to do this when your hair is still damp but will give you instant volume when you wake up and shake it out!

  • 5 of the best products to get volume in your hair – a hairdresser’s tips and tricks
    • Use mousse on a comb not on your hand
    • Apply dry shampoo
    • Add colour
    • Use a light, leave in conditioner
    • Volumising products

Mousse for added volume

You get the best results if you apply mousse with a comb which will give even distribution of product from roots to ends. I use Schwarzkopf’s Silhouette Pure Formula for Invisible Hold.

Dry shampoo

The trick with dry shampoo is to not wait until your hair is already showing signs of becoming oily because then it’s too late. Use a dry shampoo as soon as you’ve finished drying it – apply to the roots and ends and you’ll be amazed how full it looks.

Add colour

You might not colour your hair or feel you want or need to but colour in your hair will definitely make it feel thicker and fuller because the process itself actually swells the hair shaft and creates a more natural volume whilst eradicating any excess oil. If you don’t want to go for an all over colour, it might be worth thinking about adding a few highlights or slices in the under-layers of your hair. Be careful to condition your hair but not over condition it as that can make it heavy and limp.

Use a light, leave in conditioner

I love the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator as it’s a simple, light, leave in conditioner perfect for medium to fine textured hair looking to create volume. Whereas a heavy surface conditioner can weigh the hair down as well as making it too soft and limp.

Volumising Products

There is a vast array of volumizing products on the market from blow dry lotions to thickening hairspray all designed to give structure to your hairstyle and help to hold it up. One of my favourites is the Matrix Height Riser volumizing powder which you sprinkle lightly on the roots once your hair is dry.

By David Audsley (inventor of the DAIO)