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Introducing The DAIO™

Do you ever go out and worry, “Did I turn my straighteners off?

Have you or a loved one ever been burned by an electrical heated hair appliance?

Are there scorch marks on your furniture or carpet from carelessly placed straightening irons?

If not, you will surely know someone who has…

The brand new and original DAIO™ is the safer, most stylish way to store and protect your hair appliances when they are heating up, during use and whilst cooling down.


What’s more…
The DAIO™ has a clever and innovative fixing bracket which gives it countless mounting possibilities around your home or business…
The DAIO Revolutionary Hair Appliance Organiser

Out of the box, it is quick and simple to mount to any horizontal surface*, such as a table, shelf or mantlepiece.

Or, disengage the bracket from the DAIO™ chassis, turn it 90⁰ and it is ready to be mounted on any vertical surface*, such as a drawer front, cupboard door or even a radiator.

Or, remove the bracket completely and it can be mounted permanently to a fixed vertical surface, such as an interior wall or the side of a wardrobe.

To find out how easy it is to use all around your home or business, check out our Fixing Instructions and Video here… (*Bracket fixes to any surface up to 33mm in width)

*PATENT PENDING – GB App No. 1419426.0 — Int. App No. PCT/GB2014/053241*
Introducing The DAIO video

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