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“I developed the DAIO™ as my wife wanted to be able to store her straighteners somewhere neat and tidy but, more importantly, so they were out of harm’s way of our two young children.

As I began working on the DAIO™ and started talking to my clients, I became more and more aware of just how much of an issue safety was.


So I started researching it and was horrified to discover how many children had suffered burns, sometimes serious, as a result of touching straighteners or heated hair appliances that were either still on or hadn’t yet cooled down. I also found out how many people had damaged possessions and property through forgetting to turn their straighteners off or leaving them on unprotected surfaces.

The more I spoke to people, the more I realised that nearly everyone had a story of their own to tell; some were near misses, but sadly some told me of very sad consequences they’d suffered first hand. That made me more and more determined to carry on with the DAIO™ and see it through to launch.


You can see why I am really proud of it. The DAIO™ is not just a place to store your heated curling tongs or your straighteners; it’s something that will make a difference.

Every time someone uses a DAIO™ it will cut down the number of times people burn something of value or reduce the heart-breaking number of children who get burnt.

That’s why a donation of £1 from every unit sold in the UK will go to the Child Accident Prevention Trust – in the hope that together we can help prevent more accidents.”

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David Audsley is an entrepreneurial professional hairdresser who opened his first salon in 1999 and now works out of North Yorkshire. David has appeared in numerous hair magazines, appeared on stage as an International platform artist and has worked alongside product companies and brands in the UK and abroad.


From Conception to Creation…


Hear first hand from David about how the idea for The DAIO™ started out – and the journey to it becoming a reality.


Click here now to listen to the Minister FM radio interview…

The DAIO is Made in Britain
The DAIO Made in Britain Logo

It was always my intention that the DAIO™ be made entirely by people and resources within the UK, although I wasn’t sure it would be possible when I first started out.

However, one great thing about being a hairdresser is you get to meet lots of people, who know lots of other people. Some of the connections and introductions I’ve had on my journey to develop the DAIO™ have been ‘mind blowing’ when I stop to think about it all – but that’s another story for another day…

Everyone I’ve spoken to about the DAIO™ has been as excited and inspired as I am about what it will do to prevent injuries and accidents – and wanted to help in any way they could. This has meant I have been able realise my dream that everything about the DAIO™ – from design to delivery – would be created here in Great Britain.

We found business partners that provide the very highest quality design, materials and manufacturing skills – making sure that the DAIO™ is Safe, Stylish and 100% British.

“Safe, Stylish & 100% British from design to delivery”

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