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Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), says:

“Hair straighteners get as hot as an iron. Babies and toddlers don’t instinctively pull away from something that’s burning them, so burns to their delicate skin are much deeper. Hair straightener burns to children have doubled in recent years and now account for up to one in ten burns to children.

“But these horrible injuries are preventable. That’s why we’re delighted to work in partnership with the DAIO™ hair appliance organiser. It helps keep straighteners out of harm’s way while you’re using them and after you’ve switched them off. And the donation from every DAIO™ sold in the UK helps fund our charity’s work.”

The DAIO Made in Britain Logo

By enabling customers to identify British made products, the Made in Britain marque supports & promotes British manufacturing in the UK and overseas.

The Made in Britain marque is managed by a committee made up of MDs and CEOs of UK manufacturing companies as well as other supporters of British manufacturing. Together they have formed a not-for-profit company called Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd.

“As a product that was conceived, designed and manufactured entirely within the UK, we are proud to bare the Made in Britain marque on the DAIO™” – David Audsley, CEO, AOK-Design UK Ltd

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