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Straighteners’ Holder

Coming soon – October 2017

The DAIO GO™ is ideal for anyone who uses straighteners and wants a handy way of storing them when they are heating up and whilst they cool down.

Its innovative bracket means you can fix or hang the DAIO GO™ onto many different surfaces to keep your straighteners out of harms’ way of children and pets and it will protect surfaces from burn damage.

Once you’ve finished styling your hair, unplug and put your straighteners in the DAIO GO™, wrap the chord around the silicone cup and store safely away.


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Inspired by safety...

The DAIO GO™ has a unique bracket that can be fixed temporarily to a number of different surfaces, fixings and handles. Its flexible silicone cup can withstand 300⁰C contact and its unique cooling channel technology will speed up the cooling process after use.


Content and specifications

•    Flexible silicone cup that can withstand temperatures of 300°C
•    Cooling channels to speed up the cooling process
•    Lightweight polymer bracket
•    Dimensions – Width = 11cm | Depth = 13cm | Height = 16cm

The DAIO GO™ is the latest model in The DAIO™ Collection and is expected to be available for sale in early to mid October 2017.

Supplied with the standard (smaller) size Purple silicone cup which accommodates the majority of available hair straighteners.


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