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The Hair Appliance Holder for Permanent Fixing

The DAIO PRO™ is for anyone wanting a DAIO™ but doesn’t need the flexibility to move it around their home or business and would prefer it mounted permanently in one place.

It is the safe and stylish way to store straighteners and other electrical styling tools when heating up, during use and whilst cooling down.

•    For permanent fixing to a vertical surface such as an interior wall or the side of a cabinet or wardrobe (Wall fixings not included)
•    Currently available in two colours – Original (Purple), or Black


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Inspired by safety...

Protect people, surface and appliances themselves with the DAIO PRO™ – the revolutionary hair appliance holder.

Use your DAIO PRO™ as the appliances heat up and cool down as well as while you are styling hair.

Inspired by safety, your DAIO PRO™ makes hot styling easier and is a stylish and convenient accessory to any room or salon.

The DAIO™ has two flexible, different sized silicone cups that can withstand 300⁰C contact for up to three weeks! And its unique cooling channel technology will speed up the cooling process after use.

It’s straight forward to install the DAIO PRO™ in your home or business – watch our short video guide here


Content and specifications

  • Flexible silicone cups that can withstand temperatures of 300°C
  • Cooling channels to speed up the cooling process
  • Lightweight polymer chassis
  • Overall dimensions – Width = 27cm | Depth = 14cm | Height = 15cm
  • Silicone cup internal diameters – Large cup = 8cm | Standard cup = 5.5cm

Get your DAIO™ today and get peace of mind that you’re protecting your home and the people you love…

Additional information

Weight 560 kg

Black, Original