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What Our Happy Customers Say…

Slick, professional and good value for money

“I ordered the DAIO after seeing it on Dragons’ Den and it arrived promptly today. I am always terrified that my little one will burn himself off my straighteners whilst also getting annoyed at all the messy wires over my dressing table, and The DAIO solves both those issues. Very happy with the look and quality of the product – it is slick and professional and good value for money. Would highly recommend.”

Demelza Carrington


A great quality product, easy to install

“As recent home buyers and parents we thought it important to protect the new carpet and baby! I’d been looking in numerous DIY stores and online for a solution when we saw the DAIO on Dragons Den. (Still can’t believe they didn’t invest in such an obvious household necessity). Not 48 hours later and our DAIO arrived and was installed on the wall. A great quality product, easy to wall mount and a lot cheaper than replacing carpet! Thanks DAIO ”

Rob Allsopp

Poole, Dorset

We’ve no hesitation in recommending the DAIO

“My wife and I saw your presentation on Dragons’ Den the other week and thought you had invented an fantastic product. We were disappointed that you weren’t given the investment that you desired. My wife purchased two of the DAIO PRO’s on Sunday night and they arrived today and she is very pleased with them. My wife will have no hesitation in recommending your creation to people she knows. We wish you success in your venture and hope your invention gets the global recognition it truly deserves.”

Aaron Owen-Cronin

Ashford, Kent

It’s a fantastic thing you have produced

“As a Burns and Plastic Surgery Surgical Registrar, I have dealt with a huge number of paediatric (& occasionally adult) burns from hair straighteners. That is why I was so keen to purchase your product for my own house because I am constantly anxious about my wife’s straighteners around our 2 young girls…  It is a fantastic thing that you have produced.”

Dr. Paul Malone - Burns and Plastic Surgery Surgical Registrar

Ruddington, Nottingham

Answers the problem I’ve had for years

“I have just watched your product on Dragons’ Den, it looks amazing! I am forever dropping my hair straighteners off my chest of drawers and didn’t want a case for them as the hassle of taking them out every time I want to use them. With The DAIO I can store them safely when in use and keep them stored tidily when not. Thank you for answering my problem I’ve had for years. I love it!”

Louise Redcar

Poole, Dorset

Fab product!

“I saw it on Dragons’ Den and thought WOW! that’s perfect for me. I love it and now my husband doesn’t moan at me because my cables and straighteners and dryer and neatly in one place, the little hooks on the side hold the appliance plugs. Fab product”

Wendy Bruno

Swindon, Wiltshire

Will recommend your product to friends

“Fantastic product and so well made so happy I watched Dragons’ Den.. Will recommend your product to friends, in fact I’ve just posted it on my Facebook page with your link.”

MJ Ireland

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Makes my morning much more pleasant

“I love your product… the quality is awesome. It’s easy to fit and makes my early morning hell of getting ready much more organised and pleasant, and I’m not exaggerating! I normally have 4 appliances beside my dressing table, all the cables tangled and I can’t be bothered to curl my hair for the effort of untangling them, now at least two are neatly held on the side of my dressing table within reach. Loved it as soon as I saw it on the Dragons’ Den!! Good luck, I really hope this takes off for you.”

Emma Locke

Pontyclun, Wales

Always worried about burning the house down!

“Love my DAIO. I ordered it after seeing it on Dragons Den as my husband was always worried about me burning the house down leaving my straighteners on. I also now have them out of reach of my nearly 6 year old daughter who has started showing an interest in them!”

Kirsty Hennessey

Monmouth, Wales

I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

“I’ve just received my DAIO after watching Dragons Den and I think it’s absolutely brilliant! I don’t have kids but I have an inquisitive terrier and am always paranoid that I’ve left my GHD’s on and that I’ll set the house on fire. Not only are they safe, they look great, and make things so much neater! Wishing you all the best in the future – if I could think of a reason to buy more I would!”

Helen Gillespie

Macclesfield, Cheshire

Not only safe, but stores stuff away neatly

“This product is A-mazing! For girls that love to use heated hair appliances, don’t hesitate… buy it! It’s not only safe, but it also stores my stuff away neatly. The Dragons missed a trick not investing in this product! ”

Suzie Drinkwater

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Genuinely very excited to see your product

“I was genuinely very excited to see your product as I’m sure I’ve invented something similar in my head a 1000 times. Each time I use my straighteners I think about the “what ifs”.”

Pam Andrew

Brough, East Yorkshire

Keeps them out of the way of little people

“I have my DAIO at work and it’s great, keeps my straighteners safely away and they are not slipping off my shelf. Most importantly it keeps them out of the way of little people. Love it. x”

Rachael Barron - Hairdresser

Otley, West Yorkshire

DAIO hairdryer cups installed in the Male and Female changing areas of the gym located in the New Roslin Innovation building, Easter Bush Campus in Roslin, University of Edinburgh


“From an extensive search of the internet we came across the DAIO cups and found them to be an ideal and economic solution to resolve the issue of storing hair dryers in a prefabricated vanity unit.

The DAIO cups were ordered and delivered the very next day as promised.

The cups were very easy to fit and have functioned as expected.”

Walter Begg

Project Manager, McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Ltd

A quality product as I hoped it would be

“Excellent quality and my husband who is an engineer thought the quality and design was very good too. It took seconds to fit to a small unit in my dressing room. It looks really smart and I love the colour. My hairdryer and hot brush dived into their new homes and fit like a glove. Great value for money. A quality product as I hoped it would be. I will be recommending to friends and family. Thank you. ”

Kay Pring


Love mine

“Love mine, I have the black one. Brought it the minute I saw it on Dragons’ Den. Would love to spread the word.”

Rachel Nunn

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Keeps everything out of the way

“Love mine, keeps everything out the way. Guys were so helpful when I ordered mine, nothing was a problem. ”

Susan Brown

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

A great solution to a problem

“I bought it after seeing you on Dragons’ Den and knew straight away it was a great solution to the problem. I also know that silicon is stupidly expensive and the only material suitable for this application, so wasn’t put off by the price. So I am very happy with the product and thank you for your efforts.”

James Hewitt

Luton, Bedfordshire

Been looking for years to protect my dressing table

“A superb product, I’ve been looking for years to protect my dressing table. I’ve even tried thinking up my own invention. So glad I couldn’t now. Many thanks for the discount when I ordered after watching Dragons Den. The next one I will buy is the DAIO GO. Well done!”

Sarah Jane Hyde

North Shields, Tyne & Wear

Fantastic product which is already in use

“Thank you for your email, voucher and fantastic product which is already in use. I think your product is fantastic and hope the exposure on the programme brings you the same success as the Tangle Teezer and the Trunkie.”

Janice Midgely

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

The best thing next to straighteners

“The DAIO is without a doubt the best thing I have bought aside from the straighteners themselves. My sister’s home insurance is no longer a worry as for the 1000th time I come back home to find my straighteners on the floor – (not where I left them resting on the lamp). My little cat can no longer try and warm himself on them and when he plays with the cord he just can’t pull them out of the DAIO. It’s such a simple idea but it’s taken a lot of worry out of my daily routine. Thanks David!”

Jennifer Halas - BVSc MRCVS (VET)

Ikley, West Yorkshire

“Excellent product. I bought one for my teenage daughter as well.”
Catherine Denise

York, North Yorkshire

I wouldn’t be without it now

“I keep my DAIO at home on the dressing table where it is really handy, it saves drawer space while still keeping my hairdryer and straighteners tidy. The main benefit is being able to just put the straighteners away while still hot and walking away knowing they’re not going to damage any furniture or carpets! The added bonus is that it looks great and the purple goes really well with my hairdryer! All in all the DAIO is a winner for me and I wouldn’t be without it now! .”

Jane Watson

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Finally have somewhere to store them

“I purchased my DAIO after watching Dragons’ Den so glad I did, it’s fab! The amount of times I’ve left my GHD straighteners on the surface of my drawers and marked them well no more they and my hairdryer are tidily stored away and easy to get too. One of my better purchases and I’d definitely recommend it”

Lynn Sylvester

Walsall, West Midlands

Mrs H loves it!

“I bought one of these for Mrs H last year, a couple of months ago I popped home at lunch time and thought I could smell something hot…. checked the bedroom and the yes – the straighteners were still on!

The good news is they were safely docked in the DAIO and not a mark on them…. I wonder if we would still have a house if they weren’t ? That’s about as big an endorsement you can give. Mrs H loves it!”

Steve Hurdle

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

They… help keep her chaotic bedroom tidy!


“I saw your pitch on Dragons Den and thought it was a great idea, just wished I had been able to buy them when my children were small, they would have been invaluable.

However, I am still delighted to have bought one for myself and for my teenage daughter in a bid to ensure she does burn our house down with straighteners and to help keep her chaotic bedroom tidy!

We are both delighted with them and they are living up to expectations.”

Janice Murray

Macclesfield, Cheshire

It looks great and keeps you safe, no-brainer!

“Purchased this recently after seeing it on Dragons Den and it is a fantastic product, I would recommend this to everyone that uses heated appliances. It looks great and keeps you safe, no-brainer! Love the fact you can attach it vertically or horizontally.”

Saara Rothwell

Aylesbury, Bucks

I couldn’t be happier with them

“I bought two of these to keep my hairdryer / straighteners and curling wand tidy, after been fed up of getting wires tangled up. They look fab in my room and I couldn’t be happier with them.”

Kerry Charlesworth

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Brilliant product and in a lovely colour too!

“Wanted a way to keep my new hair dryer and straighteners tidy and safe! Brilliant product and in a lovely colour too! Couldn’t be happier!”

Rachel Gibson

Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs

Fits in with my dressing room perfectly!

“I’ve got the one you fix to the wall, I have it next to my dressing table! Love it …

I don’t have any young kids, I just liked the idea saves getting the hair dryer and straighteners out the drawer every day. Fits in with my dressing room perfectly!”

Tracey Morley

Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham

I’ll never ever look like a unicorn again!!

(I know, not a headline you read every day!)

“So after leaving my straighteners next to a plastic box and obviously without realising straightened my hair and gained a ‘ plastic horn’ on my head that took 2 hours to remove!!! That night a silver lining ‘Dragons’ Den’. Before you’d even finished your pitch I was on the internet searching and bought one. I’ll never ever look like a unicorn again!! Fantastic idea!”

Nichola Carter

Aberystwyth, Wales

If you’re thinking of buying one, don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed!!

This is a fantastic product. I’ve always thought there must be an answer to the risk of leaving straighteners on, protecting little hands and stopping all the wires curling up. It’s just made getting ready so much easier, my clutter less messy and most importantly my straighteners a lot safer to use with a little person around! Thank you. If you’re thinking of buying one, don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Pam Andrew

Brough, North Yorkshire

It literally fits my needs

“Thank you for designing this product! It literally fits my needs! I don’t have children… (maybe one day) but I have a little monster child of my own in my head! My OCD monster child!”

Emily Bell

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Finally have somewhere to store them

“The product looks great and I can’t wait to finally have somewhere to store them so I don’t keep tripping up over them! Thanks for your fast response today.”

Nick Middlemiss

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Great for reclaiming the bedside table top

“Nice and safe now and great for reclaiming the bedside table top. The only thing I would change is the colour. Grey and ochre to coordinate with my room!”

Kirsty Wilson

Chorley, Lancashire

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