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Why DAIO™ ?

How many times have you felt that moment of panic when you’re miles away from home and it suddenly strikes you – “Did I turn my hair straighteners off?”

… Or maybe you’ve experienced that feeling of blind terror when you see your toddler heading towards your curling tongs?

… Or, quite possibly there’s a daily reminder of the ‘busyness’ of your teenage daughter’s life by the scorch marks on the dressing table or carpet from her hair straightening irons!


With numbers of reported injuries and property damage on the rise, there will be few of us that haven’t heard of someone’s horror story around an electrical hair styling appliance.

  • Almost 1 in 10 childhood burns are each year are caused by electrically heated hair appliances – after hot drinks, they are among the most common cause of burns (Source: RoSPA)
  • +16% increase in domestic fire insurance claims directly attributable to heated hair straighteners or appliances  (Source: Swinton Insurance Retailers 2009)

Our aim is to reduce child burns caused by hair styling appliances to 1 in 500 – or better – and to reverse the upward trend in house fires and property damage attributable to straighteners.

Maddison wants to be just like her Mummy… lucky these straighteners weren’t on!

Safety First

The DAIO™ gives you –

* Protection for your young children from serious burns – it only takes a momentary distraction

* Protection for your furniture and property from scorch marks – or more devastating fire damage

* Peace of mind – no more nagging worries when you leave the house – “Have I left my straighteners on?”

Straightener Facts

Did you know?

* 1 in 10 childhood burns are as a result of electrical hair appliances

* +16% increase in domestic fire insurance claims directly attributable to heated hair straighteners

* Hair straightening irons take as little as 15 secs to reach a maximum heat of 230°C – but up to 40 minutes to be touch safe

Inspired Safety

The DAIO™ is designed –

* With high quality silicone that will sustain a temperature of 300° centigrade for up to 3 weeks

* A clever universal bracket allows for horizontal or vertical temporary use – or permanent fixing

* To be a sleek and stylish accessory to keep your electrical hair styling appliances safe and tidy

Hair straighteners and hot drinks are leading cause of child burns

Child burns from staightening irons

A study, published in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood, examined the burns and scalds of 1,215 children aged under 16 admitted to emergency departments, a burns assessment unit and three burns units across the UK.

A team of researchers, found that 57 of the children had burned themselves on hot hair straighteners, which are often left on the floor or within easy reach. Two in five of burns in children under the age of five were caused by touching irons or hair straighteners.

For the full story from The IndependentClick here

Teenage girl’s bedroom completely destroyed by fire because she went out and left her Hair Straighteners on

House fire caused by hair straighteners

Fire tore through a family home gutting a teenager’s bedroom after she FORGOT to unplug her hair straighteners… a day after her angry parents berated her for leaving them on.

The family have been forced to move in with relatives while their bungalow in Knypersely, near Biddulph in Staffordshire is repaired.

Ellie said: ‘I had turned the straighteners off but not unplugged them.

For the full story from the Daily Mail websiteClick here


Terrifying aftermath of a fire which nearly killed woman

Burnt out hairdressing straightening irons

A woman had to be rescued from her burning home after a pair of hair straighteners were left switched on her wooden floor and started a blaze.

The woman collapsed in the fire this morning, after the hair straighteners had been left turned on and were lying on a wooden laminated floor.

She had to be rescued by firefighters, who discovered her on the first floor landing in the north London property.

For the full story from Daily Mail OnlineClick here

Calls For Manufacturers To Help Cut Hair Straightener Burns

Child burned fingers with hairdressing straighteners

Alyssa Bray, 30, from Calne, in Wiltshire, rushed her 11-month-old son, Elijah, to hospital in December 2013 after he grabbed her hair straighteners while they were warming up, burning his hand.

Emma Apter, from the Electrical Safety Council , said: “It’s really worrying that retailers and manufacturers are selling products that can reach 235°C without explaining the dangers of not storing them properly.

“Hair straighteners can cause burns so serious that surgery is required, and children are at even more risk since their skin can be 15 times thinner than that of adults. Retailers and manufacturers must do more to protect their customers.”

For the full story from BBC News OnlineClick here

The DAIO™ is…

– Protection for your children from serious burns and injury – you know they’re into everything and want to do what Mummy (and sometimes Daddy) does…

– Protection for your furniture and floors from scorch marks and burns – you know that’s where you leave them… (Many insurance companies will not cover you for fire or damage to carpets in your home – have you checked your policy?)

– Protection for your pets – from their ‘inquisitive’ noses and paws

– Peace of mind when you go out and think – “Did I turn my straighteners off?

– A safe and stylish place to store and protect your hair styling appliances when they’re not in use

and much, much more…

Protect The Things You Love... Order Your DAIO™ Today...

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